Lebanon: Mass Night Protests as the National Currency Dives

(TELESUR) – A protracted economic crisis pushed people onto the streets for the second day in a row.

Citizens took to the streets for the second night in a row to protest against Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hassan Diab who has failed to control the strong depreciation of the Lebanese pound (L£) against the U.S. dollar.

In Beirut, the country’s capital, protesters burned tires, cut roads, and confronted security forces. At least eleven people were injured, according to the Red Cross.

“In our country, there is clientelism, poverty, a high illiteracy rate, and unemployment,” citizen Mohammad Draihi said, adding that “it is easier to get weapons or drugs than to get money, food, or a diploma.”

On Thursday, the price of the national currency exceeded L£5,000 for US$1 on the black market. The following day, the Diab administration announced measures to halt the currency depreciation, among which is the creation of a task force to monitor financial affairs.

Also, the Lebanese government said that the Central Bank will inject dollars into the currency market on Monday to lower the parity below 4,000 pounds per U.S. dollar.

“Unemployment has soared to 35 percent nationwide,” AFP recalled, adding that the quarantine has further worsened the situation for companies and their workers.

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