Coronavirus: Fear of second wave in Beijing after market outbreak

(BBC) An area of the Chinese capital Beijing has been put under strict lockdown measures after the city’s first coronavirus cases in more than 50 days.

The outbreak has been linked to the city’s largest wholesale market.

A total of 45 people out of 517 tested at the Xinfadi market tested positive for Covid-19, a district official said. None were displaying symptoms.

Lockdowns have been imposed in 11 nearby neighbourhoods, while 10,000 market staff will be tested.

The authorities also want to test everyone who has had recent contact with the market as well as those living in the district surrounding it.

These are the first new confirmed cases in Beijing for more than 50 days.

What do we know about the new cases?

Xinfadi market in the city’s south-western Fengtai district was shut down in the early hours of Saturday, after two men who had recently visited the market were reported to have Covid-19.

Tests at the market then showed 45 people had the virus.

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