CWSA discontinues water rationing, warns of disruption during storm season


The CWSA has discontinued its water rationing and have returned to a 24/7 water supply. This information came from Chief Executive Officer of the CWSA Mr. Garth Saunders during a message to the public on Thursday, June 11th.
“Now that the rains have returned inflows at most at many of the affected sources, with the exception of Montreal have seen significant improvements, so much so that we have already discontinued our water rationing and we are now back to normal 24/7 supply, that is until further notice”.
Mr. Saunders went on to warn the public of the possibility of disrupted water supply during the hurricane season due to natural occurrences beyond the CWSA’s control.
“We have just entered the hurricane season where heavy rainfall events could trigger flooding and landslides, given the fact that our pipelines travel steep slopes from the forests and cross many rivers.
It is likely than one or more of our systems will be knocked out or affected at some point during this rainy season leaving some communities without water for up to 24 hours.”
Mr. Saunders assured the public that the organization will be working hard to “control the controllables” during this season utilizing all their resources to respond to emergency that takes place.

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