Cuba to Begin Gradual Post-Pandemic Recovery

(TELESUR) – Only national tourism will be promoted in the de-escalation’s first phase. The arrival of international travelers will occur later.

After months of confinement and strict health controls, Cuba is embarking on the road to the greatest possible normality with the announcement of new relaxation measures that will come into force soon.

“We will recover normality with a discreet and gradual advance, to prevent a disease resurgence in the country,” Cuba’s President Miguel Diaz-Canel explained.

The de-escalation will start with a three-phase strategy, which takes into account the epidemiological situation of each territory of the Caribbean island.

The country’s capital, Havana, could take longer to enter the first phase of recovery, considering that it is the most affected area by the new coronavirus so far.

Initially, physical distance and sanitary masks will be mandatory. Meanwhile, hands and surface disinfection must be permanent.

Distance work will be encouraged, and employees with respiratory symptoms will not be allowed in workplaces.

In the first stage of de-escalation, only national tourism will be promoted. The arrival of international travelers will occur in the second phase of recovery.

The foreigners arriving in the country during the second and third phases will be tested for the virus (PCR) at the airport.

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