(Dailypost) – The Chairman of the Public Service Commission (PSC) is facing a number of criminal charges and will appear before the Magistrate Courts for Preliminary Inquiry (PI) on July 21, 2020.

According to court documents, Mr. Martin Mahe is charged with a total of seven counts altogether.

Charges laid against him include; intentional assault causing no injury, idle and disorderly, failure to comply with and observe the law, and failure to comply with and observe the principles of leadership.

Mahe was allegedly drunk and allegedly involved an incident at “Joe Vietnamese Restaurant” with a high-ranking police officer.

Prosecution witnesses in the criminal case include police officers.

Meanwhile, Chairman Mahe claimed the criminal case was fabricated as the high-ranking police officer was allegedly retaliating following his involvement in a police issue and was put on leave at the end of last year while an investigation was conducted against him. Mahe, who is also a member of the Police Service Commission was part of the decision to put the officer on leave.

Mahe further confirmed he was served with the criminal case document on Thursday June 4, 2020.

“The following day, Prime Minister Bob Loughman, with access to my document, wrote to the Head of State to request that High Office to remove me from my position as the chairman of PSC, making reference to the case,” Mahe said.

“My concern is how the case, which is between Public Prosecutor and myself, was obtained by the Prime Minister, and was used as a basis to recommend my termination? The case has been registered, but, it is still in the PI stage.”

The PSC chairman said his legal counsel is prepared to defend him in court next month.

He confirmed that he is also initiating legal proceedings to file a case against those who are involved in the process to have him removed from the post he is currently occupying.

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