Doctor says weed is a leading cause of mental illness in Antigua & Barbuda

(Antigua News Room) – Ganja is a leading cause of mental illness in Antigua & Barbuda.

That was revealed by Dr. Teri-Ann Joseph, the Senior House Officer at Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital, during an interview on state media today.

“We are sadly losing a generation of young men and we seem to be losing a generation of young men to marijuana”, she said when asked what most often lands someone in the psychiatric hospital.

Dr. Joseph emphasized she was speaking about “pure marijuana, I don’t want you to think it’s mixed, pure marijuana and so that’s some cause of concern for us”.

An amendment to the Misuse of Drugs Act allowed residents to legally possess up to 15 grams of cured marijuana and four marijuana plants for personal use.

People searching for ways to cope with challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic were warned to stay clear of illicit drugs “even marijuana, people think that it’s good it’s going to help you relax, but trust me, there is something in it called THC and that damages the brain”.

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