Barbados: Fresh calls to take down Nelson

(Nationnews) – As protests over racism, discrimination and oppression, particularly of black people mount around the world, a young history undergraduate is leading a new bid to rid National Heroes Square of the statue of Admiral Horatio Nelson.

Alex Downes, 30, said now was the right time to renew the call for the removal of the statue in Bridgetown, which was erected on March 22, 1813, and pre-dates its United Kingdom counterpart by almost 30 years.

“I’ve been watching what’s happening around the world and we in Barbados have been discussing those issues, but then I asked myself what could we address here for ourselves? Nelson has been a real sore point over the years and I thought it was time we stopped just talking and take action,” he said.

Downes said he tested the waters with a petition and that exploded, now having more than 5 000 signatures. (CA)

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