Sandy Bay Resident Collects Historic Lottery Winnings Of 1.685 Million

Manager of The National Lotteries Authority Mr. Mc Gregor Sealey says that he is elated to be the manager of the NLA at such time.

He says this historic win took 30 years and he hopes that the next Million dollar jackpot would not take another 30 years.

He encouraged the newest millionaire in SVG to spend his winnings wisely and in such a way that he would have money at his disposal for the rest of his life

Joseph Ballantyne who won the historic jackpot of 1.685 Million dollars hails from Sion Hill in the community Sandy Bay.

Sealey further noted that occasion is even more historic as it is the first time the winners are from the same North Windward community.

McGregor Sealey, Manager of the National Lotteries Authority (NLA)

Chairman of NLA Murray Bullock speaking at the historic event says Mr Sealey is a veritable   encyclopedia when it comes to lottery matters and recognized his many years of service.

Bullock thanked the current board of Directors and noted that their contribution has been overwhelming and paid 1-minute silence to the passing of Dillion Edwards who was a technician with the NLA.

Bullock says they are grateful for the support from the public over the years as they continue to change lives through the projects which they have done in SVG.

“ There is physical evidence of that contribution in various communities through St Vincent and the Grenadines, contribution to sportsmen and women, contributions to carnival with the last being 2million dollars, supporting of Nine mornings and children’s education”.

Bullock thank members of the press for spreading the word about the NLA which in turn helped to raise its profile.

Bullock noted that it is also the first time that an agent is being rewarded for selling the winning ticket, with a reward of $25,275.00.

Murray Bullock, Chairman of the NLA

Speaking at the historic event $60,000 dollars jackpot winner Relita Nanton of Fancy says she is happy and will make use of her winnings, Nanton was graced by the presence of her five children.

$60,000 dollars jackpot winner Relita Nanton

St Vincent Newest Millionaire Joseph Ballantyne a construction worker in Mustique and who hails from Sandy Bay said the numbers were a gift to him from his daughter.

He said his daughter had a dream and he was given the numbers after he told her, “yes give them to me I need some money”.

“ They came and they told me the numbers were called, I said nothing, after a while, I said you sure, I played them but I think I miss a number, however when they brought the ticket all the numbers were on the ticket”.

Father and daughter

Ballantyne said it’s a bit earlier to announce plans for the money, however his first daughter is being affected with breast cancer and he would be helping her as his first priority.

Ballantyne says he is not sure as yet if he will retire from construction work which he currently does in Mustique.

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