Trinidad: Mom, 56, son, 29, shot to death in home invasion

(TRINIDAD GUARDIAN) — A mother and her son were gunned down in their Tunapuna home last evening.

According to police reports, Kathy Theroulde, 56, was at her Cornelius Drive, Blackpool home with her 29-year-old son Keron, also known as Juice, when gunmen stormed in around 7.25 pm.

The intruders fired several shots at them, felling them as they attempted to flee their attackers.

Residents in the area said they heard over 30 shots ring out. They would later discover the bullet-riddled bodies of Kathy and her son at the family home.

Police believe the gunmen entered the house through a forested area at the back of the house. They believe the attack is linked to an ongoing war in Tunapuna between rival gangs.

Officers were still at the scene of the shooting up to late last evening.

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