"CSEC And CAPE In July Does Not Make Any Sense At This Point"

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Dear Editor

As a concerned parent. My child would be setting the CSEC and CAPE examinations in July and I think the exams don’t make any sense at this point. I have seen two countries speaking about it but the Vincentians aren’t.

With all that is going on children can’t focus and some teachers are focusing on themselves and not the students they supposed to be teaching. My son in first year doing business studies heard from his lecturers about one time and that’s it.

The online class is not for everyone either because most of the internet is poor and with everyone home it is a distraction. My other son in form 5 complains about wasting his time going to school.

Everything is wrong about the examinations at this point. In a pandemic and places trying to catch themselves my children and others still have to do the exam. Their brains are unsettled and some teachers don’t care.
I feel sorry for the kids who have to finish exams in late July/ early August and have to go to school in September or August. I feel bad for the second years who have jobs to look for and to go and would be set back by the July exams.

I feel bad for the 5th formers and 6th graders who need placement. I want to see what the MOE or the bigger organization is going to do about it.

Concerned Parent

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