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Venezuela denounces US coercive measures that suffocate the country

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela denounced on Monday that the Government of the President of the United States (USA), Donald Trump, persists in suffocating the economy of the South American country, in order to divert attention from the massive social protests in the northern nation.

In a message posted on his Twitter social network account, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said that unilateral coercive measures imposed by the Trump administration will not be able to “put out the flames burning in front of the White House.” “From some bunker @SecPompeo continues interpreting his fictional script and carries out new persecutions to suffocate the Venezuelan economy,” wrote the Venezuelan official in reference to US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo.

 Venezuela strengthens new scheme to supply fuel

Sector Vice President for the Economy of Venezuela, Tareck El Aissami, noted the success of the new fuel distribution and marketing scheme thanks to the civic behavior manifested by the Venezuelan people.

The sector vice minister stressed that no incident occurred throughout the length and breadth of Venezuela that threatened the success of the event, while he pointed out, work is being done to improve specific situations, “typical of a new beginning” that  seeks to  ” guarantee a transparent, fair distribution that reaches you directly, compatriot, “he added.


Iran will send fuel to Venezuela whenever it needs it

Iran will send more fuel to Venezuela if the Bolivarian government requires it, despite pressure from the US, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

“If the Venezuelan government requests a new shipment, we will send it to that country,” stressed Foreign spokesman Abás Musaví, when asked about it at a press conference. The headline asserted that trade between both nations is “legitimate” since both countries are “under cruel and unilateral sanctions by the United States that no country is obliged to comply with. “

Venezuela denounces that US pressure led to bankruptcy of a Mexican company

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, denounced that the bankruptcy of the Mexican company Libre Abordo with Schlager Business Group was due to pressure from the United States government, violating the Human Rights of Venezuelans and freedom of trade. Through his Twitter account, the Foreign Minister indicated that the Mexican company had an exchange agreement with the Venezuelan government to receive oil in exchange for food and humanitarian supplies.

Venezuela finalizes quarantine flexibilization agenda with economic sectors

Vice President of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, offered a summary of the meetings held with economic sectors that have become more flexible in the face of  the quarantine, as well as the current numbers of Covid-19 infections.

“We finished an important workshop with 10 sectors that are activated in our economy in this new phase of quarantine flexibilization,” said the Vice President. She also thanked all economic sectors for their commitment to production in the country, ” On June 1st , the sectors will be activated in the 5×10 method, five for flexibilization, 10 for quarantine. The main protagonist is the people with their highest conscience, “she added.

Cargo arrives in Venezuela with medical supplies from Germany

A plane with supplies and medical equipment necessary for the fight of the Covid-19 arrived in Venezuela, from Germany, as part of the cooperation that the South American country maintains with the United Nations (UN) and the United Nations Children’s Fund(Unicef).

The plane, the first of three, landed at the Simón Bolívar International Airport in Maiquetía, La Guaira state (north); and was received by members of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry. “Venezuela and Germany are giving a clear message to the nations of Europe, that with coordination, respect for the law, cooperation of a different nature can be achieved,” said the Vice Minister for Multilateral Affairs of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Alexander Yánez.

Decision on Venezuela’s lawsuit against Bank of England postponed for June

An English court ordered that a hearing be held on June 22nd to decide on Venezuela’s lawsuit against the Bank of England, after this financial entity refused to return 31 tons of gold to the South American country. The information was disseminated by the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) through the social network Twitter. “Our fight continues for the return of Venezuelan gold … We hope to obtain justice, to save Venezuelan lives during this pandemic.”

The gold held at the Bank of England is valued at $ 1 trillion, which will go towards the purchase of medicines, food and medical equipment that will enable the country to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

Government of Venezuela reaches milestone of 3,100,000 homes delivered in the face of Covid-19

President Nicolás Maduro celebrated the milestone of the Great Venezuelan Housing Mission (GMVV) by delivering, in the midst of the new coronavirus pandemic, the 3 millionth 100,000th home, and continues on the course towards 5 million homes.

According to the President, Covid-19 in the country has hit the national economy, especially the construction sector; however, he said that Venezuela is the only country in the world that, in the midst of the health situation, delivers 100,000 homes to its people.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister denounces silence of some countries to an armed

Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, denounced that some Latin American and European countries maintain a “complicit silence to hide the scandal of an armed and mercenary action, financed by the United States and organized in Colombian territory”, which occurred on May 3rd.

“It is a shame for international relations, and for the American continent, that a country has suffered this, that a Latin American country has participated in an operation and that same country also received drug trafficking funds, with mercenaries from the United States. That is a shame ”, Arreaza emphasized.

Government of Venezuela denounces media campaign for management to Covid-19

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, denounced the media campaign launched against the South American country on the management of the national government in the face of the new coronavirus pandemic.

The President said that in the social networks and media of countries contrary to Bolivarian policy, the numbers of infections by Covid-19 in the national territory are used to try to install a vision of chaos in Venezuela. However, “they do not say that 80 percent of the cases that we have had in the last 15 days come from Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru,” emphasized the Venezuelan Executive, explaining that the country is approaching the proposed goal with a flattened epidemiological curve.

The number of COVID-19 infections in Venezuela amounts to 1,662

“We have numbers of what are the cases of COVID-19 -in the last 24 hours- being 6 by community transmission (…) and 146 foreign cases from Colombia and Brazil, detected on the border with Zulia, Táchira, Apure and Bolívar ” This was reported by the Head of State and Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, detailing the updated data on the statistics of the new coronavirus in the country.

In a videoconference with Governors, from the Miraflores Palace, he explained that 2 cases were diagnosed by contact with an international traveler from Brazil, 4 by treatment with an international traveler from Colombia, 127 nationals who returned to the country from Colombia and entered through the Táchira and Apure states, and 13 compatriots from Brazil who entered through the Bolívar state. With this report, the total for the South American nation amounts to 1,662 infections.

The President warned that “our threat is Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru”, countries that to date have exponential curves of contagion of COVID-19.

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