Venezuela: Government to Collaborate With Opposition Against COVID-19

(TELESUR) – Rodriguez stressed the Bolivarian government’s effort to face the pandemic despite the Trump administration’s economic sanctions and political pressure.

Venezuela’s Communication, Culture, and Tourism Minister Jorge Rodriguez  on Tuesday briefed about an agreement signing between Bolivarian government and the opposition coalition group G4 for a conjunct work against the Covid-19 pandemic in the South American nation.

“It is the clamor; it is what all the people of Venezuela want. That we leave politics aside, that we leave the garbage aside, that we leave the call for violence and paramilitary incursions against Venezuela and work. Then, we will resolve the political issues, but now it’s time to work together to end the Covid-19,” Rodriguez stated in press brief from Miraflores Palace.

According to Rodriguez, Venezuelan Minister for Health, Carlos Alvarado and the advisor on health issues to the National Assembly Dr. Julio Castro signed the settlement. Besides, the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization’s representative in Venezuela, Dr. Gerardo de Cossio, served as a guarantor for both signing parts.

As the minister stated, the Venezuelan government divulgated the agreement settlements after opposition engaged news media spread rumors about its contents. These circumstances forced the Bolivarian government to make it known, as part of its transparency policy.

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