US Attorney General Faces Backlash Over Repression of Protesters

(TELESUR) – He allegedly personally ordered police assault on peaceful DC protesters.

United States Attorney General William Barr could be forced to step down over his direct implication in the violent actions to disperse protesters gathered near the White House on Monday evening.

According to reports, Barr is facing demands after he allegedly ordered police to beat back the demonstrators to pave the way to Donald Trump on his way to St. John’s Episcopal Church.

While Trump was giving a speech on the protest, law enforcement officials proceeded to beat up demonstrators with batons and fire tear gas canisters. Reports said Barr “had strolled to the edge of the police line to observe the crowd in the minutes before the tear-gassing began.”

To lend more weight to the accusations, Barr thanked the police and the National Guard for their “outstanding work” in a later statement release.

As stated by an anonymous Justice Department official, on Monday morning Barr “went to survey the scene and found the perimeter had not been extended.”

“He conferred with law enforcement officials to check on the status and said: ‘This needs to be done. Get it done,” he added.

The first Democratic member of Congress to demand measures against Barr was Rep. Don Beyer, who tweeted that “the Attorney General is the top law enforcement officer in the country, the leader of an agency meant to protect Americans’ constitutional rights.”

“Barr betrayed that mission by ordering the violent and systematic violation of peaceful protesters’ rights. He should resign,” he added.

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