Tropical Storm Cristobal threatens Louisiana landfall early next week

KHOU11) — Tropical Storm Cristobal formed in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday and is forecast to make landfall as a strong storm along the Louisiana coast early next week.

But Texas isn’t totally in the clear yet.

This week was the official kick-off to the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, and it’s already turning out to be busy. We already had Arthur and Bertha form in the second half of May.

Where will Tropical Storm Cristobal go?

The official forecast track from the Hurricane Center takes the storm north across the central Gulf of Mexico, toward the upper Texas or Louisiana coast on Sunday afternoon.

There is still a large amount of uncertainty as to what the exact track will be. Stay close to the forecast this week by watching the weather once in the morning and in the evening, so no one gets caught off guard if the storm decides to make a more direct path toward Houston/Galveston.

How strong?

Intensity forecast are always the most challenging part of tropical cyclone forecasting. Cristobal is currently interacting with the landmass of southern Mexico which is keeping it weak for now. The NHC is forecasting the storm to be a moderate to strong tropical storm at landfall Sunday afternoon.

June cyclones are usually very weak and disorganized systems — still being sheared apart from the westerlies as the seasons continue to transition into Summer. However, all systems are different.

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