Mexico: Citizens Block US Border Over COVID-19

(TELESUR) – Mexicans worry that most of the COVID-19 cases come from abroad.

A group of Mexican citizens, concerned about the increase of COVID-19 positive cases in the country, took matters into their own hands and blocked the border entry at Puerto Laredo  Tuesday.

Protesters demand more strict controls on travelers from the U.S., on the grounds that they could bring new coronavirus cases to Mexico. “We’ve got a block on the international line. If we have cases of coronavirus here, it’s because people are traveling abroad and importing it,” a demonstrator said.

In March, Mexico and U.S. governments agreed to regulate border traffic, limiting it to “essential” travel. Despite this, there are not enough controls at the Mexican border crossing side to prevent people to arrive from the U.S.

That same month citizens blocked the southbound lanes in the twin border cities of Ambos Nogales for several hours carrying signs telling U.S. residents to “stay at home.”

Demonstrators clarified that the blockade does not seek to disrespect their U.S. neighbors, but for their government in Mexico to take concrete actions.

Effectively, enforcement in Mexico’s side of the border are nearly none existing, and crossing into the country is as easy as ever.

As of Tuesday, Mexico has reported 93,435 positive cases,  with over 10,000 (13 percent) deaths.

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