US: Violence Increases After Trump Threatens to Deploy Army

“Open your eyes, America. We are reeling in a dictatorship,” CNN reporter said.

The speech given by U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House Monday, in which he threatened to send the Army into the streets, led to an increase in violence on the streets, where both police and protesters are accused of unjustified attacks.

A dramatic photo shoot by Trump preceded the bloody night, according to local media.

D.C. police forcibly cleared the streets with tear gas, rubber bullets and flash grenades so the president could pose in front of a church and hold the Bible.

“I am your law and order president,” Trump said outside the church, and although he spoke briefly of Floyd in the beginning of his comments, he said nothing about police brutality or racial injustice in America.

In St. Louis, four police officers were shot and wounded after a previously peaceful protest turned violent.

In Buffalo, two people were injured when a car hit a police line.

Shots were also reported involving police in Las Vegas. Chicago’s authorities said two people were killed, although they did not identify the victims or the circumstances.

On CNN, journalist Don Lemon said, “Open your eyes, America. We are reeling in a dictatorship.”

“This is an unbearable moment of crisis in our country, where we need healing and reconciliation and we need justice,” Washington Bishop Mariann Budde told reporters.

The demonstrators asks justices for George Floyd, 46, an African-descendent man who died in Minneapolis when a police officer kneeled on his neck.


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