Winning Lotto Ticket Valued At $1,685,000.00 Bought In Sandy Bay

(PR) – We at the National Lotteries Authority take this opportunity to remind all that there was a Lotto Jackpot winner from last night’s draw.

There is a malicious post with poor grammar being circulated on social media that there was no winner. We kindly ask that you disregard such as it is false and did not originate from the NLA.

Please note that we will vigorously pursue this matter as there was unauthorized use of one of our product logos and an attempt to compromise the integrity of the NLA.

Below is a reminder of our results from last evening’s draw:

Free Ticket Letter: H

Winning Numbers: 08 33 21 30 03

Bonus ball 31

The winning ticket was sold at our agent location in Sandy Bay and the jackpot winner will receive the advertised  cash prize of one million six hundred and eighty five thousand dollars ($1,685,000.00).

We thank the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines for their overwhelming response and support on our last Lotto Jackpot. Next Lotto Jackpot is sixty thousand dollars and YOU HAVE TO BE IN IT TO WIN IT.

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