Fourth Iranian Tanker Arrives In Venezuela's Territory

(TELESUR) – The last ship is expected to arrive on June 1.

The Faxon became the fourth Iranian-flagged tanker to reach Venezuela’s Exclusive Economic Zone, as it entered this country jurisdictional waters, on Thursday.

This vessel is the fourth out of five to arrive after Forest, Fortune and Petunia entered in the past days to bring gasoline and related products as part of the bilateral energy deals signed by both countries.

According to official reports, the Faxon is currently heading to the Amuay Refining Complex, located in Los Taques municipality of the Paraguana Peninsula, in the State of Falcon, to download its cargo. It is escorted by the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB) Guaqueri PO11 frigate.

The measure of escorting the ships from the moment they enter Venezuelan territory was taken to preserve the vessel’s integrity, due to US threats. At the moment, the Iranian government stated that the ships would arrive and that they would respond to any attack. So far, the bilateral deal, considered an act of solidarity and sovereignty, have been developed without any setbacks.

It is expected that the last tanker from the five sailed from Bandar Abbas port in March arrives next June 1.

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