All three victims of Union Island explosion have died

News784 was informed that the third fire victim from Union Island explosión has died. Zara as she is affectionately called was flown to Trinidad for medical treatment.

She died earlier this evening.

Shaniqua “Azaria” Alexander, a former  Student of Union Island sustained both second and third-degree burns about her body.

Third-degree. Sometimes called a “full-thickness burn,” this type of injury destroys two full layers of your skin. Instead of turning red, it may appear black, brown, white, or yellow. It won’t hurt because this type of burn damages nerve endings.

On Sunday Lindini Neverson the 12-year-old student who received second-degree burns following the explosion of a gas station on Union Island died.

Also on Sunday News784 was informed that Freddy North owner of the gas station that exploded in Union Island, and who sustained First Degree burns died.

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