Italy Recommends Cuban Medical Brigade for Nobel Peace Prize

(TELESUR) – Cuban doctors held over five thousand consultations in Italy and discharged 210 Covid-19 patients  after the severe outbreak in March.

Italian authorities, ecclesiastic representatives, and social organizations acknowledged on May 23 Cuban efforts to face COVID across the country

The Secretary of Health and Welfare of the government of the Lombardy region, Giulio Gallera, and the president of the National Association of Italian-Cuban Friendship (Anaic), Irma Dioli, attended the homage rally to support the Cuban doctors. Cuban ambassador in Italy, Jose Carlos Rodríguez, and the general consul in Milan, Llanio Gonzalez also joined the tribute in Duomo Square.

“When you came here you said that your homeland is the world, so from now on you will always be our compatriots, in this vast world, often mistreated by the absence of the supreme value of solidarity,” the Mayor of Crema, Stefania Bonaldi, said.  Local news media exalted the commotion and thankfulness of Crema citizens who expressed their thankfulness to Cuban health professionals.

Alternative Student Opposition (OSA), Noi Restiamo, Communist Network (RdC), and other social organizations in Turin also recognized the Cuban medical brigade solidarity and requested the Nobel Peace Prize for the Caribbean Island doctors. The organization’s representatives revealed a wall painting in Parco Dora with Cuban doctors, the July 26 Movement, and Fidel Castro representations.

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