Latest Reports Say Student Needs Urgent Prayer As Situation Worsens

Vincentians have been asked to say a prayer for one of the students who received second-degree burns following Tuesday nights explosion of a gas station on Union Island.

The call has come from residents on Union Island following the latest reports that Lindani Neverson situation has turned for the worst, while doctors try their best.

Lindini Neverson, 12 years old Student of Union Island sustained second-degree burns about his body, while Shaniqua “Azaria” Alexander, 17 years old Student sustained both second and third-degree burns about her body.

Owner of the gas station Freddy North died on Sunday morning, all three were rushed to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital following the incident.

A Go Fund Me account has been set up to raise funds so the children could be flown to a specialized burn centre, the closest one being at the University Hospital of Martinique.


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