SVG Hosting 2 Grenadian Cruise Workers, Layou Clinic To Get Staff Nurse

Morning Updates on COVID-19 Pandemic and the National Response for Thursday, May 14, 2020:

  1. 155 Vincentians have so far been tested for COVID-19. This number does not include rapid tests. The number of confirmed cases still stands at 17. There have been no new confirmed cases for over 10 days. We have had 12 recoveries and therefore the number of active cases in-country stands at 5.

  1. 8 Vincentians and 2 Grenadian cruiseship workers arrived in SVG yesterday. The protocols related to the repatriation of cruise line employees were followed. SVG is hosting the Grenadians in a show of neighbourly solidarity in light of the fact that the borders of their country were not opened to receive them. We, of course, uphold the principle of Freedom of Movement in the OECS.

  1. The Mustique Charitable Trust will hand over a donation of 6,000 rapid test kits to the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment today.

  1. A staff nurse is set to move into the Layou Nurse Quarters over the weekend. This would ensure that someone is always on hand at the clinic to respond to emergencies and hence expand access to health services. The Ministry is working on a project for the repair and rehabilitation of health facilities throughout the country.

  1. The government is providing practical assistance for Vincentian students abroad in light of the ongoing pandemic by extending financial facilities that may be used to meet unanticipated costs such as living or travel expenses.

We will beat this coronavirus pandemic together. Our faith will see us through. This could be our finest hour as a nation. Thank you.

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