Disappointed! Response To Ambassador John Article On Vincy Students In Cuba

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First and foremost, I have to say that the article that was published on May 12, 2020, about Mr. Ellsworth John, ambassador to Cuba, “hut me, me nah lie ello it hut me bad to hear mister say all dat and he lives rite yaso and he himself knows the reality of de situation”.

I would not give any detail information, as that would seem as though I am “bashing” the government of Cuba, but what he decided to say in the article was utter nonsense and what he said in the beginning of the article was only used to “beef” up the story.

Now even though he may have stated some of the things that he “THINKS” he knows, I would love for him to take a closer look at the article as I have pinpointed a few areas myself along with some I’ve gotten and seen from other students which I would love to elaborate on, comment or criticize.

  1. Do we really have fruits and vegetables available throughout the year?? Can you see that from where you live or you were “TOLD” so??
  2. Is it not what they do all year round in and out of crisis?? Because from what we’ve gathered, their medical services are one of the main source of income. So what were you really trying to say here?? What is your point?
  3. “I cautioned the students to………”. Oh Please!! Don’t talk as if you know what was taking place on ground level and you were the last of the ambassadors to rely information to your students if you did at all.
  4. No comment but it’s certainly not what they are saying…. “shake my head”
  5. Can you really say for sure that the applause meant that we were implying something? Why cannot it be that we are either happy for our fellow colleagues or that they should have been more receptive towards the effort that their government did despite the fact that their original plight “which was to go home” wasn’t answered? It is you who is strongly implying that implications were made.
    6. Also I remember late last year when the people of SVG said or proposed the idea to send a container of food for the students due to the oil crisis, it was looked down on and I think the respond was if I recall correctly “what nonsense is that. How can we send a container to Cuba? How are the other Caribbean students and the Cuban students going to feel??” Now that the Guyanese government send something for their student, who saying what now? Because right now we feel bad since it was our idea originally.
  6. “The government has indicated that if parents are interested………….”.
    So since when this communicated to the students studying in said island?? You want to just spring up information in the media but none of us have any idea of what you’re talking about.
  7. What is your definition of square meal?? Because I am certainly sure if we bring the same food for you to eat you’ll watch us dead in our face. Also if the Cubans themselves can tell you about their own food then that means there is definitely a problem. Also we do not flaunt. Please don’t make that statement to imply anything. That we use to get access to the things what we feel we can call a meal.
  8. Ellsworth I.A. John, what can I really say about him?? There is no need for defamation of character but he is not the proactive type and only acts when he feels pressured. His communication skills, I can’t even comment on, and I am not only saying this now because of the coronavirus pandemic but rather from what has been happening for a while now. During the present crisis, It was noted that while a hand full of the embassies or even more were helping their students in Havana with more substantial food items, we were merely given “…………” The Service commission seems more like the embassy than the embassy itself. Is it possible to even ask for someone else? Most people tend to believe he serves no purpose full stop. I guess we’ll have to fight for ourselves. It’s nothing new to us. As they say, you are no better than the person who sent out the first set of information to social media. We are highly disappointed.


The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of News784. Send all articles to news784svg@gmail.com.

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