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In an exclusive interview with News784 this morning, the area representative for the Constituency of South Central Windward, called on persons, “to stop the stigmatization, speculation and sensationalism as it relates to COVID 19. It simply does not help.”

The former Island Scholar and current Minister of Agriculture, expressed confidence in the Health professionals in SVG, and noted that, “we have persons who are highly trained in the medical science and we must be guided by them every step of the way. This is a medical issue not a political one!”

The Minister outlined, that as early as Feburary 2020, consultations took place in the constituency of South Central Windward with representatives from all communities, to address possible options of risk mitigation, should COVID 19 impact on SVG. “We had meetings so early, long before social and physical distancing guidelines were issued. This involved the distribution of printed material with information relating to the Corona virus. I wish to thank Dr. Jerrol Thompson for facilitating these very early meetings,” he explained.

“Presently, there are four seamstresses producing face masks in the constituency. Today, I arranged to have 1,500 face masks delivered in the constituency, with a special emphasis on Greggs. This was done. Food baskets for the vuInerable will continue in the weeks to come. I will thank at every turn, Ava Graham of New Grounds, who launched ‘Vincy Masks’ and Jemmie John of Diamond Village, who assisted in making immune boosters for the community,” expressed the Minister.

The Hon. Saboto Caesar a lawyer for the past 15 years, has been the Parliamentary representative for the constituency of South Central Windward for the entire decade 2010-2020.

When asked about the next general elections, he noted that, “the world is in the middle of addressing a pandemic, let us work to save lives! I am never worried about elections and the date for elections.”

The Parliamentary Representative encouraged all to, “follow what the science is teaching us: physical distancing, proper hygiene, boosting of your immune system, and to call the covid 19 hotline if you develop symtoms.”

Further, the Minister of Agriculture, in commending the farmers and the traffickers of SVG, asked that we must appreciate at all times, that while life and living continues, all precautionary measures must be taken to protect our physical health.

Asked if there are areas where there are weaknesses in addressing COVID 19, the Minister said, that as it pertains to funerals, he was very concerned about the physical distancing guidelines not being followed. He encouraged that although it is deep in our culture to conduct a home going service in a particular way, we have to make changes as we are cognizant that these are not ordinary times.”

Th Hon. Saboto Caesar who is also the youngest elected member of Parliament in SVG, took the opportunity to wish Offord Morris (the former area representative for South Central Windward under the St. Vincent & the Grenadines Labour Party) a blessed 91st birthday; and gave a word of spiritual encouragement to the nation as he ended the interview: “I know the same God who delivered Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. He is still alive today, and will deliver us from COVID 19, Amen!”

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