Brazil justice minister Moro quits after clash with President Bolsonaro

(BBC) – Brazil’s Justice Minister Sergio Moro has resigned amid tension with President Jair Bolsonaro.

Mr Moro, a former judge, had threatened to quit after the president fired one of his allies – federal police chief Mauricio Valeixo – on Thursday.

Speaking on TV, Mr Moro said angrily there was no reason to sack Mr Valeixo, and called it political interference.

Mr Moro is one of the president’s most popular ministers. He oversaw Brazil’s biggest-ever anti-corruption probe.

Mr Valeixo’s dismissal was announced, with no further details, in the official gazette.

Mr Moro had threatened to resign if Mr Valeixo were dismissed, but then said he would stay if he were allowed to choose a replacement.

Brazil’s currency – the real – sank to a record low of 5.50 per dollar on Thursday, amid the political uncertainty.

In mid-April the right-wing president sacked his health minister, Luiz Henrique Mandetta, for his response to the coronavirus pandemic. The minister had advocated social distancing, which Mr Bolsonaro has scorned.

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