Taiwan To Hand Over Surgical Masks And Thermal Imaging Devices To SVG

Daily Update By Minister Luke Browne 

The handover of surgical masks and thermal imaging devices from Taiwan to the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment would take place this morning at 9am.

Yesterday, SVG recorded another case of COVID-19 and also a 3rd recovery. The new case may be a result of local transmission connected to an imported case and is under investigation.

Details would be provided as soon as they become available. The number of active cases is 10. We have heightened our surveillance for flu-like symptoms throughout the country and are implementing public health measures that can help reduce the risk of new cases.

I have been advised by the Chief Laboratory Technologist of a promising development on the matter of getting the PCR Machine required for COVID-19 testing to SVG.

We have encountered difficulties with the export of this item from a foreign country. I would get back to you when I am in a position to give a firm date of arrival. It should be in the very near future.

Cabinet meets today on COVID-19 matters and general affairs of government.

The Ministry would host another one of its regular press conferences tomorrow at 10am at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Conference Room to provide a situation report and answer questions. The Ministry is committed to keeping you informed.

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