We Face Another Colossal Failure of Capitalism: Chomsky

(TELESUR) – The philosopher recalled that Cuba has shown its solidarity with other peoples despite the U.S. sanctions against it.

The Spanish news agency EFE Tuesday published an interview with Noam Chomsky who holds that the pandemic shows the failure of neoliberalism, which within the United States is aggravated by President Donald Trump administration.
“The first lesson is that we are facing another massive and colossal failure of the neoliberal version of capitalism. If we don’t learn that, next time something similar happens will be worse,” Chomsky said.

“Governments cannot do anything. They are being the problem and not the solution… The U.S. is a catastrophe due to the game they bring in Washington. They know how to blame everyone except themselves, even though they are responsible,” he added.

Asked about his country’s management of the pandemic, Chomsky noted that the Trump administration cut the health budget just shortly before the crisis began.

“The way that this has developed is surreal. In February, the pandemic was already wreaking havoc, everyone in the U.S. recognized it. Just in February, Trump presents budgets that are worth looking at… He made cuts amid a pandemic and increased funding for fossil energy industries, military spending, and the famous wall,” the U.S. philosopher recalled.

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