Route: St. Vincent and The Grenadines’ Own Ride Sharing App

Have you ever had to miss out on a social event because you weren’t sure how you will get back home? Or maybe you had to leave an event too early for the fear of not getting a bus to go home when the event is finished; probably you were late for school, work or an interview because it was difficult to get public transportation?

Well a solution is coming your way.

A team of three young Vincentian entrepreneurs, namely Terry Clarke (Affiliate of ACCA), Richard Codougan (student, Bsc. Nautical Science/ Maritime Operations) and Lawrence Bascombe (Bsc. Major in Marketing, Minor in Management) have seen the need for a better transportation system in St. Vincent and the Grenadines so that the citizens as well as visitors are able to go about their daily lives without having fears of knowing how they will get from point A to point B at any given time.

Route is a platform that connects riders in any given area to drivers that are ready to take you from one place to another.

from left to right: Lawrence Bascombe, Terry Clarke and Richard Codougan

Why Route?

After doing some market research, the team found that many Vincentians are seeking alternative means of transportation especially during late evenings and nights, Terry Clarke explained. As one interviewee stated, “Route will be very convenient for me because I finish work very late at times and it’s quite difficult to get transportation to get home after my shift because I don’t have my own vehicle.”

Route’s goal is to get individuals around the country at any given time with confort and a peace of mind

 How it works?

As explained By Lawrence, Route will have 2 apps: 1 for the riders (Route Customer)  and the other for the drivers (Route Driver).

Anyone who has the Rider’s app and wants a ride can place a request in the app, which will then notify the nearest drivers. The first driver to accept your request will arrive at your location to pick you up and drop you off at your desired destination. You will be notified about the transportation fare before you are able to book a ride.

The platform is quite simple and user friendly. With regards to safety, Richard asserte, “Route takes security and safety quite seriously.” To become a Route Driver, the team will be approving all applicants individually. The mandatory requirements are as follows:

  1. A recent Driver’s photo
  2. Motor vehicle license and registration
  3. A valid driver’s licence
  4. A copy of motor vehicle insurance

All documents can be uploaded within seconds in the app.

In the app, all Route Riders are allowed to have 3 emergency contacts stored, in which case a SOS panic button is provided and Route, the Police and emergency contacts will be notified of your current location if there is any emergency. Therefore, Route SVG is aware of the current location of every ride that is booked.

Recruiting Drivers

Currently, Route is seeking drivers who have their own vehicles and are interested in making an extra income and working flexible hours.

The Route Driver app can be found on both App Store and Google Play Store.


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