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Venezuelan Conviasa will carry out humanitarian flight for Americans

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Venezuela reported on Sunday, April 5th, that it will enable a free humanitarian flight for US citizens who are in the South American nation and wish to return to their country, in the face of the current pandemic due to the new Covid-19 pandemic.

The trip will be made by the Venezuelan Consortium of Aeronautical Industries and Air Services S.A. (Conviasa) and is scheduled for April 9th, bound for the city of Toluca, capital of the State of Mexico. The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry has enabled a line of communication via the web so that those interested in this offer can contribute their main data, as required by international civil aeronautics standards.

165 Covid-19 confirmed cases in Venezuela

To date, Venezuela has registered a total number of 165 confirmed cases of Covid-19, as reported by the sector Vice president for Communication, Culture and Tourism, Jorge Rodríguez, from the Miraflores Palace.

According to the report offered by Rodríguez, there were six new cases detected on Monday that are distributed in the states of Táchira, Trujillo, La Guaira and the Capital District; two of whom are from Colombia, one from Peru and three whose origins have not yet been determined.

Likewise, he confirmed a total of 65 cases of recovered people in the country. As for the nation’s system, the Vice President detailed that there is a number of 19 million 320 thousand 793 Venezuelans registered on the platform, of them 17 million 294 thousand 092 have responded to the survey related to the Covid-19.

Venezuela denounces attempted entry of paramilitaries into the country

In statements from the Miraflores Palace, the Venezuelan Minister for Communication and Information, Jorge Rodríguez, denounced on Monday, April 6th , an irregular situation presented in the return of  compatriots from Colombia to the country, where paramilitaries, deserters and mercenaries have tried to enter.

According to the official, three paramilitaries and a mercenary who trained in the city of Riohacha, department of La Guajira, were detained at the entrance of the border with Colombia. In addition, he said that, to avoid the disorder in the entrance of people of the San Antonio del Táchira y Ureña, border area, President Nicolás Maduro ordered a curfew in the municipalities of Simón Bolívar and Pedro María Ureña in Táchira state. It was put in effect from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m. (local time) on Tuesday.

President Maduro: All Venezuelans who arrive will be treated

President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced that the country is humanely receiving and attending to all nationals who return to their homeland to take care of themselves during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We are preparing to receive 15,000 Venezuelans from Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Between yesterday and today, we have received 1,652 compatriots, they are provided with appropriate medical attention (…) those who test positive go directly to hospitals and CDI and those who test negative go to hotels and places reserved for quarantine, “said the head of state.

President Nicolás Maduro rejects the largest US military deployment against Venezuela

President Nicolás Maduro warned that the Government of the President Donald Trump, based on infamies about drug trafficking, “has ordered the largest military deployment in order to threaten Venezuela and lead the country to an unprecedented, costly and indefinite confrontation “.

On Sunday, Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza read a letter that Venezuelan President Maduro sends to the people of the United States. In the letter, the head of state indicated that “in Venezuela we do not want an armed conflict in our nation, we cannot accept threats of war,” and urged the American people not to believe in the reasons indicated by Trump for attacking Venezuela.

Venezuela indicated that Iván Duque rejected donated machines for Covid-19 testing in Colombia

Vice President of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, pointed out that the President of Colombia, Iván Duque, decided not to receive the donation of the two Covid-19 diagnostic machines, prioritizing his political interests instead of the health of the Colombian people.

Likewise, the vice president accused the Colombian head of state of not prioritizing the life of his compatriots in the context of the virus, “one more example of Mr. Duque’s contempt for the life and health of the Colombian people and the health repercussions in the region” he added.

Venezuela grateful for solidarity in the face of new US aggression

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, thanked the communist movements and parties that expressed their solidarity with the South American nation in the face of new aggression from the United States (USA)

“The communist parties of South America reject the Plan of War that Trump has drawn against Venezuela and denounce that, in complicity with some countries submissive to their interests, Washington intends to devastate and take control of the region. We appreciate all their solidarity,” said the Foreign Minister.

Venezuela denounces the US naval blockade that prevents fuel supply

Vice President of Economy of Venezuela, Tareck el Aissami, denounced the coercive measures applied by the United States against this country that impede the normal supply of fuel.

“With this perverse naval blockade plan and the recurring intimidation that it has been carrying out against potential suppliers in the country, (the United States) is preventing the supply of the chemical additives, supplies and spare parts necessary for the production process of the fuel that is distributed in all the national territory ”, said El Aissami.

Foreign Minister Arreaza to Truth Mission: We are ready to defend Venezuela in any scenario

In the framework of the global fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has also had to face situations of maximum political pressure, due to the recent actions of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, which deepens the aggressions against Venezuela and now under the facade of “Anti-narcotics operations in the Caribbean”, intends to militarily intervene.

“We have documented reports with coordinates; we know what the ships are, the functions they perform, and their capabilities. The Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB) has monitored every step and we would be ready to defend Venezuela in any scenario,”said the Foreign Minister.

He stressed that this maneuver seeks to distract public opinion from the “inhumane and erratic” handling that the Donald Trump administration has had over the Covid-19 pandemic, which has already reached more than 200,000 cases in that country, even when international Health organizations warned Trump that the situation could get out of hand if he did not take appropriate measures.

UN highlights robustness of measures adopted in Venezuela against Covid-19

Sectoral Vice president of Communication, Culture and Tourism, Jorge Rodríguez, highlighted the recognition of the system of the United Nations for the measures adopted by the National Executive in the containment and prevention of Covid-19. The following is the scope of the Venezuelan health system – compared to other countries in the world – in the battle against the Coronavirus:

  • Venezuela registers 0.47 positive cases of COVID-19 for every 100,000 inhabitants, as opposed to the United States and Spain, which rises to 200 cases for every 100,000 inhabitants.
  • Within the framework of the approach and prevention of the virus, 1,227 diagnostic tests are carried out in the country for every million inhabitants, unlike Chile (884) Ecuador (595), Colombia (375), Peru (120) and Brazil (86 ).
  • In this regard, Venezuela has carried out 140 percent more diagnostic testing than Chile, 206 percent more than Ecuador and 330 percent more tests than the Republic of Colombia.

Artillery pieces will be deployed in defense of Venezuela’s sovereignty

Under the premise of preserving the territorial integrity of Venezuela, artillery pieces will be deployed in the context of the Military Exercises “Bolivarian Shield 2020”, announced the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro.

“I know that there are groups that are preparing armed actions against the peace in Venezuela, they believe they can take advantage of the quarantine for their terrorist actions,” he said, while reiterating that the destabilizing strategies are financed by the governments of Colombia and the United States.

“We are going towards peace, towards understanding (because) this pandemic demands it. I have said it several times, we are going for peace with words, with actions, with good will, with a deep spirit”, he stressed.

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