Gov’t Launches Good Neighbour Partnership To Fight Covid-19

On behalf of the government and people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, I hereby launch a GOOD NEIGHBOUR PARTNERSHIP to fight COVID-19.

 Each of us is a neighbour to each other.  Each of us has a responsibility to look after ourselves, our families, our neighbours, our communities, our nation.  

This responsibility resides, too, in our churches, our NGOs, our various organisations, businesses, and workplaces.

The GOOD NEIGHBOUR PARTNERSHIP is a broad-based national family to which everyone of us is entitled to belong.  You join immediately by your actions, not mere words, in fighting COVID-19.

Here are the TEN PRINCIPLES for action as a GOOD NEIGHBOUR:

1. Be a good neighbour and citizen.
2. Practice best personal hygiene: washing hands, wearing protective masks.
3. Observe personal and physical distancing; avoid or reduce gatherings.
4. Stay in quarantine if advised or ordered to do so.
5. Adopt a home and help a family which is not your own.
6. Show especial love to the afflicted, the elderly, and children.
7. Care for your immediate community in every way.
8. Be nice to nurses, doctors, and other frontline employees, including the pol ice
9. Be disciplined, focused, resourceful, and creative in all we do; do not panic.
10. Listen and follow the advice of the authorities.

All these principles are inter-connected.  Let us in each of these ways: BE THE BEST WE CAN!

Dated the 5th day of April, 2020.

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