Man Who Helped Save 17 Persons In Accident May Lose Job On Monday

His Story From Facebook Unedited 

If I lost my job Monday ,I Know.I have help saved 16 to 17 life,including a 2 yrs old this afternoon in that Accident..helping person to get out from about 50 feet below an embarkment,apply dressing from my kit,help with a make shift stretcher..

Persons screeming ..others there standing taking photos,baby crying, and others have no clue how to perform CPR ,I help assit some with the bleeding,

I transport few to the overland health clinic and then onwards to the Medical Complex.

Using my own personal car.. I inform my supervisor who was at the time in his office at my work place,from the health clinic,about whats transpired..

He told me if I.aint show up for duty on Friday night don’t expect a job Monday.

Am just putting this out there that I have perform my duty as a First Responder, and am being treated as a hypocrite from my Superior …. all those who came to scene saw what I was doing.

Note I had on my PPE.. taking every measure.



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