BREAKING: SVG Police Warns Young Females Of "FAKE JOB OFFERS"


Public Relations and Complaints Department


The Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force is investigating numerous reports of what appears to be ‘fake job offers”. Based on the investigations, there is an individual(s) who has been approaching young females and telling that there is a “lady” who is seeking to employ females between the ages of 17-22 to work as house-keepers, bartenders and nannies for “movie stars” in the Grenadines for a salary between ECC$ 1500 to ECC$ 1800.

The individual(s) would give the young ladies a cellular number to call if they are interested in obtaining the job. Whenever a call is made to that number, an individual purporting to be a female answers and invite the young ladies to an interview somewhere in Villa. The young ladies are encouraged to dress “sexy” for the interview. Several young ladies have been persistently receiving these calls on a regular basis – day and night.

The general public is strongly advised not to entertain  calls of this nature from anyone. This is a bogus scam by the individual(s) to possibly lure the vulnerable and innocent into exploitative situations.  The public is further advised to promply notify the police if and whenever they are in receipt of such calls.

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