Self preservation begins with me.
It’s all about personal resposibility
Keep corona out ah vincy
Wash your hands with soap and water.
If that’s not available use hand sanitizer
Cover up when you cough or sneeze
Cause those droplets can sure spread the disease
Social distance you must practise too
That’s right, six feet between me and you
So when you go to pay your bills and you have to wait outside
Don’t fret you could be saving your life
Don’t lean on the counters, walk with your own pen
These are all measures of self defense

When you enter the store and they offer to spray your hands, someone cares for you, this you must understand.
Those chemicals can be harsh though on the hands so be sure to moisturize them when you are done

If you are feeling ill and think you’ve got the symptoms,
It’s simple follow these instructions
Call 534 4325, the covid 19 hotline
Don’t go to the ER or to the doctor
The sick patients there don’t need that exposure
The nurses and doctors need to know too what they are dealing with when they first encounter you.

If necessary the fourteen days quarantine willingly do
When I protect me. I protect you
When you protect you, you protect me
One for all and all for one
That’s the way we’ll save our land

Take covid 19 seriously
Home right now is the place to be
Please don’t expose gran gran to the covi
For around the world it is clear to see
Just how devastating to them this disease can be

Trust in God, call on him daily
Plead his protection on your family
Pray for our nation and our leaders too,
God give them wisdom so this pandemic they can safely guide us through

Pray for our medical and point of entry workers who on the frontline of this battle stand
Daily risking their lives to protect the people of our land
Oh Lord good health grant unto them
And may their resolve to serve never end

The road ahead may be hard and long
So let’s place our lives in the hands of the Lord
The only one who can bring healing to our land and calm the fears of every man
He’s our present help in a time like this
Trust Him so our blessings we will not miss
Hand in hand we’ll fight this war
Thank you God for your mercies this far
Collectively we shall overcome.
In you we know the victory is already won.

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