Behind the scenes of the profession (part two)

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If you have a problem, the person you should run to is God. However, when challenges of many kind faces you as a teacher, who do you turn to? “The Teachers Union “, I can hear someone thinking aloud. “The Ministry of Education”, there goes another thought. “The Principal”. The challenges are numerous.

It may not seem like that when you have teachers pressing through the difficulties and making their work seem effortless. Maybe those teachers are to be blamed for the lack of solution to the problems. If they are making it, why can’t the others do the same?

I am still waiting for the day when a carpenter complete his work without his tools. If you travel the world, one thing that is certain, different from death, is seeing a teacher perform their duties spectacularly without proper resources, If you are lucky to see them with fancy gadgets and other resources. You are more likely to win the lottery if you bet on the fact, that the teacher purchased those items out of their own pocket.

The last time I checked, a psychologist deals with people with various personalities and disorders. Upon conducting my survey, I also found out that a doctor is responsible for taking care of the sick. Did you know that parents hire the people that teach their children as caretakers? Well, if you didn’t know all of that, then look at the life of a teacher.

They are all those professions in one. If you read part one of, ‘Behind the scenes of the profession’, and you are now here, you would probably want to know how can someone, wake so early on mornings, prepares their household, then comes to school with an overcrowded class filled with multiple personalities, no proper resources and still get their job done.

The challenges are numerous to mention: there are parents who don’t help their children at home. They don’t help to instill moral values into their children instead; they expect the teacher to do that for them in addition to teaching their children. In the past, the challenge that a teacher faced was dealing with different

personalities. Now, the challenge is dealing with the health issues they develop

from handling those students.

The laws put in place to govern the workplace, empowers parents and students to have teachers as mere ‘nobodies’. Teachers have no rights, the students whether good or bad in behavior will virtually win any case against them. “No teacher can hit my child without my permission”, that is a popular statement made by most parents. However, if another student hits their child, they expect the teacher to punish the student the same way they don’t want their child to be punished by a teacher.

You may never understand when some say they are between a rock and a hard place until you become a teacher.

Despite the challenges before us, there are reasons why teachers love their job.

Stay tuned for part three.

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