Saint Vincent joins the World Solidarity with Venezuela Day

The Venezuelan Mission in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the framework of the World Day of Solidarity with Venezuela, on Thursday, February 27th  held  the Cinema Forum El Caracazo at the facilities of the Majesty’s Prison in Kingstown, with the aim of commemorating the events of February 27th , 1989 known as El Caracazo and joining this drive that seeks to vindicate the struggle of the peoples of the world against neoliberalism.

Head of the Venezuelan diplomatic mission on the Caribbean island, Francisco Pérez Santana, explained to the inmates, the “representative democracy” in Venezuela led by the power groups belonging to the oligarchy of the political parties Democratic Action and Copei : «On February 27th , 1989, it meant the beginning of the breakdown of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) policies… the Venezuelan people rebelled, once again, against neo-liberal policies… This solidarity initiative with Venezuela does not only claim the fight against the neoliberal policies that took place in Caracas in 1989, but, at the same time, is a recognition of the resistance of the peoples of the world against the neoliberal model”.

Andreína Bermúdez, academic coordinator of the Venezuelan Institute for Culture and Cooperation Hugo Chávez Frías presented to the prisoners, the Venezuelan historical film directed by Román Chalbaud El Caracazo, which is a chronicle of the events in Venezuela on February 27th , 1989 ,she explained the change in Venezuelan politics since the arrival of Commander Chávez as president of Venezuela: “All our people love Chávez because Chávez was a military man who understood that this was not the way to bring order to our society … when Chávez won the presidency he broke the system of the fourth Republic and created the political, philosophical and social conception of the Fifth Republic with a new Constitution, which defends human rights”.

During his speech, Pérez Santana took the opportunity to present a series of photographs known as El Caracazo, una historia hecha pueblo which were taken by Venezuelan graphic reporters Francisco Solórzano and Tom Grillo.

Pérez Santana recalled with this photographic exhibition that thousands of Venezuelans took to the streets that day to protest the increase in the cost of bus tickets and the collapse of the standard of living and these protests were met with a massive repression by the State security forces.

Francisco Pérez Santana said that in the context of the Day of Solidarity with Venezuela not only was the voice raised by the Venezuelan people “now, many countries are fighting against the International Monetary Fund and against the neo-liberalism that is being tried to establish them” . He also said that the Venezuelan people have learned to defend “our history, our roots, because we are a people who have demonstrated with nobility, fights, battles and victories that will never defeat us again.”

Finally, the prisoners expressed their gratitude to the Diplomats for sharing with them important facts about Venezuelan political history. The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines will continue to develop this type of social and cultural work with those deprived of liberty as agreed in a meeting between the head of the Venezuelan diplomatic mission and Superintendent of Prisons in SVG, Mr. Brenton Charles.

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