Behind The Scenes Of The Profession By Glenroy Thomas -Part 1

Do you remember that moment you sat in class and the question was asked: What do you want to be when you grow up? That question was mostly asked by a person in a career which we refused to consider. You know the answer, a teacher!

Teachers today may wonder why oftentimes their career was overlooked by the students they teach. The answer given to that is, “I cah tek on stress anuh, I can’t manage all that work dey. Me yah? Be teacher? Ha! Not in my wildest dream,

Would I have figured that being a teacher is what I would have grown to love.

However, do you know what it is like behind the scenes?

Your daily routine may include, getting up on mornings, getting a shower, going to the kitchen with your breakfast already prepared, uniform already pressed and out the door you go, another day at work or school. Well, maybe for some teachers that is their exact daily routine. However, when you consider that the teaching

Profession is majority female, yours is nowhere near as challenging as theirs.

Imagine being married with children. Regularly a person would set their alarm for at least 90 minutes before they plan to leave the house. The teacher who is Responsible for taking care of their family sets theirs for a few hours to allow for

The preparation and consumption of breakfast, and the packaging and distribution of Lunch, and to get the children and themselves ready for school.

A Christian household also means added burden to that teacher. Time spent in

Devotion can be time spent to rest. The thought of this may be upsetting to you but

Considering that a teacher’s working hours goes beyond the 8-3, you will realize

The reasons why the devotional life of a family suffers and why the Lord gets the


Imagine, starting your day at 3 a.m.? While you imagine that scenario, consider the

Fact that your real work actually starts at 8 a.m. Now, here you are at work tired

before the chalk even makes contact with the board. “Good morning students, how

Are you today? Make sure your desk resembles the subject I am about to teach. Let

me ask you a question. What do you want to be when you grow up? Oh! So, no

One wants to be a teacher?” The sad reality is that people who express their

displeasure in joining the profession are half correct in their estimate of the level of

stress and work that one actually goes through. To the naked eye, what they behold

is just dealing with multiple personalities and hours spent preparing for lessons.

I can just imagine what the comment section would be like. “Teachers have the

most holidays.” “Teachers have it hard?” “Teachers always complaining!” and the

list goes on. Be aware that this is just the surface of what behind the scenes can be

like. The challenges that teachers face are different. The reasons why teachers love

their job is also different. This is just the beginning of what a hero goes through on

a daily basis. Stay tuned for part two.

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