Certificates For St Vincent Cannabis Cultivators

Certificates were awarded to more than 100 traditional cannabis cultivators in St Vincent and the Grenadines who participated in a training session organised through the Medicinal Cannabis Authority (MCA).

The training focused on best practices in medicinal cannabis cultivation, record keeping, and traceability.

It was facilitated by Vice President of Accounts and Education at Ample Organics, Tom Ritchie.

The MCA has entered into a contract with Ample Organics (a leading provider of cannabis solutions in Canada’s seed to sale software platform) with respect to St Vincent and the Grenadines having its own platform.

A presentation on the procedures for establishing a bank account for licensed traditional cannabis cultivators and employees also formed part of the training exercise.

In addition, 23 MCA staff members completed their online ‘AmpleLearn’ course and are now Teal certified.

This course covered the functionalities of and practical application of a seed to sale system encompassing several modules including: grow, products, client services (patient access) report and wholesale of medicinal cannabis.

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