Why the Guaynese should reject the LGBT political agenda

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Caribbean CAUSE, a regional group consisting of individuals and groups from sixteen (16) Caribbean territories including Guyana note with concern an article by Lisa Hamilton, “Political parties promise to champion LGBTQ rights” published in the Guyana Chronicle on February 25, 2020 (https://guyanachronicle.com/2020/02/25/political-parties-promise-to-champion-lgbtq-rights).

 This is of concern because Guyana will be holding elections on March 2, 2020 and the stated commitment to so-called” LGBTQ rights” shows a fundamental flaw in critical thought. There is no doubt that so-called “LGBTQ rights” demand seamless integration of LGBTQ ideology and behaviours into the society demanding that their abnormal behaviours be accepted as normal.  

 The claim that such “rights” exist is rooted either in a failure to acknowledge that the universe has intelligent design and purpose, or it is a deliberate intention to ignore these realities. 

LGBTQ political ideology not only rejects the concept of design in the universe and that the universe has purpose but ignores a very considered opinion that Greek philosopher, Aristotle, recommended some 3000 years ago that ‘Law should be based on reason free of desire’.  

 Embracing LGBTQ political ideology will take Guyana down a path in which law and public policy would no longer be rooted in the logic of the external reality but rather be based on the desires of the elite and powerful.

A similar mind-set has been exhibited by some Caribbean judges.  Former Chief Justice of, Belize, Kenneth Benjamin, in his zeal to promote the LGBT political ideology altered both the content and the intent of the Belize Constitution to rule that the Buggery Law in Belize was unconstitutional.  In his ruling Chief Justice Benjamin changed the definition of the word “sex” in the Constitution to include “sexual orientation”, a concept that was not entertained by the framers of the Constitution. 

 No judge has the authority to take such action.  The Chief Justice’s ruling was upheld by the Appeal Court.  In doing so the Appeal Court also altered the intent of the Constitution as the Appeal Court imposed its definition of ‘dignity’ on the Constitution.  The definition of “dignity” is properly the prerogative of the people, not judges.

 This combination of arbitrary desire, passion driven ideology for law and public policy assisted by an activist judiciary puts Guyana and the Caribbean on a dangerous and slippery slope towards the loss of fundamental human rights, the loss of freedom of speech, conscience, religious liberty, parental rights and the early indoctrination of our children in dangerous sexual practices. 

Ultimately it will lead to the reordering of society’s moral compass and punishment for the objectors.

 It should be noted that the majority of religious people of the Caribbean hold worldviews that are rooted in the existence of an objective biological reality.  These two approaches to the law and public policy are mutually exclusive.  

 The Caribbean CAUSE calls on the people of Guyana and the rest of the Caribbean to make it clear to the political and judicial elite that they will not allow an ideology driven by personal desire to be imposed on them by an activist judiciary as it imperils the well- being of the majority and future generations.

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