Missing a golden opportunity

The Editor,

Nearly 6 months have passed since the Medical Marijuana Bill was passed, doctors consulted and NOT one prescription issued.  The rate at which things are proceeding  is not in keeping with a progressive government, and during all this time, opportunities are being wasted.

This could have been out first season where (and  it is not too late) all passengers on cruise lines visiting  St. Vincent could have been informed that medical marijuana is available by prescription giving our pharmacies and medical clinics a virtual high in sales, and why not … we produce and are capable of producing the best.

The benefits could have even been better if recreational ganja was legalized, then our Coffee, Cocoa and Coconut shops would have been filled with patrons all leaving  SVG with a big smile on their face and looking forward to another opportunity coming to SVG, maybe as stay over visitors.

Taxis, tour operators – sea and land, medical clinics and pharmacies, in short, all services directly or indirectly related to the Tourism industry would have had a bumper season with profits to allow them to upgrade their service for the next season.

Let me here reiterate here that when legal, there is a responsibility by the users as well as the vendors.   School children should not be sold weed and no ‘burning’ in public spaces like banks, utility companies, in buses, government offices and schools.   There MUST be stiff  fines for offenders including community service that must be enforced,  but not jail time.

And  finally, it is a sin not to legalize the herb for recreational and spiritual use. One of my posters on the day of the peaceful protest when the medical marijuana Bill was passed read:  “ Half the way benefits only half the people, but ALL the way benefits All the people”.   Protoje once sang “ …a word unto the wise is enough”

Thanks for publishing.


Donald A. De Riggs

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