Mother Outraged After Teacher's Punishment Leaves Child With Eye Injury

Jaelani Sandy the mother of a Grade 5 student at the Kingstown Anglican School is accusing a male teacher at that institution of abusing her son.

The mother expressed her outrage in a Facebook post on Friday. Below is her story (UNEDITED)

On Friday my son came from school and went immediately in his bed to lay down, I found this strange because he doesn’t do that after he comes from school unless he feels sick.

So I went into his room and asked what’s wrong only to behold his right eye swollen and a red mark under the eye.

I asked him what happened and he said his Math teacher told them not to get out their seats but he got up to throw paper in the garbage and he received two lashes on his shoulder on the third lash caught him in the right eye.

Immediately I felt rage!! I asked him what the teacher did after he hit him, he said he took him to the tuck shop and asked for a piece of ice and he put it on his eye.

After he returned to the classroom he was told to put his head on the desk. The teacher did NOT report the incident to the principal or called me to tell me my son is injured.

Suppose he blind my child JUSSO!!.. the matter is now before the police and the Ministry of Education..I’m hoping for justice for my son as he is still feeling pain and I have to take him to get his eyes checked out plus I have to fill prescription.

Who is paying for this?…

Some ppl are in support of corporal punishment in school but clearly some of these adults are not fit to be disciplining people’s children.

My son is not a “problem child ” he is very smart and very articulate… I was truly saddened that the teacher was not a school today to face me.. but I Janine Sandy saw him in Tokyo at rum shop around 1 o clock. Lord help me.

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