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Venezuelan government suspends TAP airline for 90 days

Vice president of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez reported that the Venezuelan government suspended the Portuguese airline TAP for 90 days, due to irregularities in the rules of civil aviation of the Bolivarian nation, recorded as of the flight in which opposition deputy Juan Guaidó arrived in Caracas.

The Venezuelan Transport Minister, Hipólito Abreu, had already informed the State channel, Venezuelan Television, about a series of sanctions, fines and the suspension to which the Portuguese airline TAP can be submitted, after identifying a series of irregularities it had committed. The National Institute of Civil Aeronautics (INAC) took charge of the investigations in which it was verified that the airline did not carry out the effective identifications of the people who entered an aircraft, whose forms used in the security operations do not correspond to what was approved for its security program.

 Foreign Ministry condemns conduct of the French ambassador in Venezuela

The Deputy Minister for Europe of the Ministry of the People’s Power for Foreign Affairs, Yván Gil, delivered a protest to the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs of France, with which he expressed a firm condemnation and rejection of the conduct assumed by the French ambassador accredited in the country, Romain Nadal.

In a clear strategy of provocation and interference in the internal affairs of the country Nadal received opposition deputy Juan Guaidó, who arbitrarily declared himself interim President of Venezuela, at the Simón Bolívar International Airport on February 11th,. Through a note presented by the Vice Minister for Europe of the Bolivarian country, he stressed that the French ambassador abused the privileges granted by the Venezuelan State and violated the international conventions on uses and customs that regulate the peaceful coexistence between nations with his recent actuate.

Bolivarian Shield military exercise culminates successfully in Venezuela

The Strategic Operational Commander of the Bolivarian Armed Forces of Venezuela,   A/J Remigio Ceballos, confirmed the culmination of the military exercises called “Bolivarian Shield 2020”.

He also reiterated that all the military components in the South American Nation complied with the order the Commander in Chief and Constitutional President, Nicolás Maduro, “the Armed Forces demonstrated their ability to defend the sovereignty of the Homeland,” he added.

The event had as an historical event, the presence of the fifth component of the Armed Forces: The Bolivarian Militia, where it participated in the assurance of the headland tunnel before a possible internal or external aggression that would affect the sovereignty and independence of the country. “We are taking the first steps towards the industrial technological independence of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, we are going to move forward, improving the fleet and strategic capabilities of the defense,” said Commander Ceballos.

Venezuelan authorities announce capture of Colombian paramilitaries

The Táchira state protector (western Venezuela), Freddy Bernal, announced the capture of two Colombian paramilitaries, who were mobilizing in boats with gallons of gasoline to smuggle.

“We have captured two (02) Colombian paramilitaries in Boca de Grita, Garcia de Hevia Táchira Municipality and destroyed five (05) piers with seventeen (17) vessels that used the paramilitaries on the Zulia River for smuggling fuel,” Bernal indicated. Likewise, the state protector indicated that the two men would be part of the “Los Ratrojos” paramilitary group, known for their criminal actions and recently for helping opponent, Juan Guaidó, to cross the border with Colombia last February to start a violent attempt against the tachirense population and promote a coup d’etat.

US sanctions against Venezuela cause damage of 116 billion dollars

Minister of Communication, Jorge Rodríguez, revealed the great damage caused by the severe sanctions of the United States against Venezuela, causing financial damage of 116 billion dollars, actions that have been supported by the national right-wing opposition, under the leadership ofJuan Guaidó.

The Sector Vice President of Communication, Tourism and Culture released details of the biggest corruption plot that Venezuela’s history has ever known and that involves the extreme right wing. Rodríguez contextualized the reason for the case before the International Criminal Court (ICC) against the United States for crimes against humanity, before the coercive measures that undermine the stability of the Venezuelan people.

“If the financial blockade was not taking place and towards the imports that Venezuela needs as the corporations that depend on the US empire are doing, the losses amount to 116 billion dollars,” he told a press conference from the Miraflores Palace.

Universities of Venezuela and Nicaragua agree on cooperation

The Bolivarian University of Venezuela (UBV) and the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua-Managua (UNAM-Managua), signed the Framework Agreement for Interinstitutional Cooperation, to strengthen the Higher Education System in both nations.

This agreement seeks to promote the development of the UBV and UNAM-Managua in the academic, scientific and teaching fields, while contemplating specific programs, exchange of students, professors, scientists and employees of both institutions.

250 Venezuelans return from Peru with the return to the homeland Plan

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry informed of the return of 250 nationals to the country from Peru through the return to the homeland plan, promoted by the Government of Nicolás Maduro.

According to the entity, citizens arrived in the territory on Monday on a flight from the Venezuelan Consortium of Industrias Aeronáuticas y Servicios Aéreos S.A (Conviasa), after the United States (USA) issued illegal sanctions against that airline. “The Airbus 340-200 Libertador Simón Bolívar de Conviasa managed to repatriate 250 nationals from Peru theough th return to the homeland plan, despite the unilateral coercive measures imposed by the US Government.”

The New Neighborhood Great Mission rehabilitates 160 Medical Centers of Caracas and Miranda

For two weeks the Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor Great Mission executed the plan of Rehabilitation of Medical Assistance Centers, which will optimize the operation of 131 modules that are located in 14 parishes of Caracas, and 29 that are in five parishes of the Sucre municipality of Miranda state.

 Venezuela will relaunch Petrocaribe despite US measures

Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, stressed in The Hague, the Netherlands, that despite the blockade imposed by the United States (USA) against the Venezuelan people, the Bolivarian Government will do what is necessary to relaunch Petrocaribe and thus provide more assistance to the island nations.

“This year we will make the necessary efforts to relaunch Petrocaribe,” Arreaza said in the International Criminal Court (ICC), where he denounced the US Government for crimes against humanity caused to the Venezuelan people because of the unilateral coercive measures imposed. “The country gave our brother and sister islands, the opportunity to access petroleum products for electricity generation, for transportation, for the movement of their national industry with payment facilities; Petrocaribe was the great shield of protection of the Caribbean island states, ”said the Foreign Minister.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister repudiates US sanctions against Russian company Rosneft

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza repudiated the sanctions issued by the United States Government (USA) against the Russian oil company Rosneft Trading S.A., considering it a new aggression to “generate suffering and difficulties.”

Within the framework of the national plenary of the Bolivarian Congress of the Peoples, the Venezuelan diplomat emphasized that the decisions of the Treasury Department are coercive measures that violate the principles of the Charter of the United Nations Organization (UN). Arreaza said that “that measure is against the Venezuelan people, against the workers of (the state oil company) PDVSA, against the possibility that we can sell more oil for the country’s development.”

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