Cuban Doctors Will Return to Assist the Poorest in Brazil

(TELESUR) – The Brazilian government will authorize 1,800 Cuban doctors who remained in the country after President Jair Bolsonaro ended the “Mais Medicos” (More Doctors) program to return to serve in the territory.

The lack of health personnel in the poor and remote areas of the Latin American giant, which Brazilian doctors avoid, has been the main reason for this decision, local media report.

Almost two years after Bolsonaro announced during his presidential campaign that “we are going to expel the Cubans from Brazil,” because their main purpose is “to form guerrilla groups,” he now recognizes that they are essential to guarantee basic care for the Brazilian people in the most humble areas.

Even though in November 2018, Bolsonaro questioned the capacity of the Cuban professionals who worked in the “Mais Medicos” (More Doctors) program, launched in 2013 by the Brazilian and Cuban governments at the time, local media report that the Bolsonaro administration will prepare a public announcement to readmit these professionals, with a two-year contract.

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