Kizito Mihigo: Singer found dead in Rwandan police cell

(BBC) – Rwandan gospel music artist Kizito Mihigo has been found dead in a police cell, officers say.

It comes three days after he was arrested near the border with Burundi.

Police accused him of attempting to flee the country and join rebel groups fighting against Rwanda. He is banned from leaving Rwanda due to a previous conviction.

Mihigo was best known for the songs Inuma (pigeon) and Igisobanuri cy’urupfu (the meaning of death).

A statement shared on social media by police spokesman JB Kabeera said Mihigo’s body was found during a routine check by officers at Remera police station on Monday morning. The spokesman gave no further details.

Mihigo had been charged with corruption and illegal border crossing, local media report.

The Rwanda Investigation Bureau accused the singer of attempting to bribe people who had seen him.

A resident in the south-western Nyaruguru district told BBC Great Lakes that on Thursday villagers had stopped the musician, who was carrying a heavy bag, and handed him over to police.

“I was there, I saw him. Villagers who stopped him said he was trying to cross to Burundi using illegal roads. From here to the border it’s less than five minutes’ walk,” the resident, who declined to be named, said.

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