Strong Winds Along With Saharan Dust To Affect St Vincent

Weak unstable conditions on the southern edge of the Atlantic High-Pressure System are resulting in some cloudiness with a few showers across St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).
Fresh to strong (30 – 45 km/h) northeasterly trades across the islands could be varying in direction Sunday afternoon and during Monday.
Meanwhile, patches of Saharan dust moving along with the wind-flow are crossing the islands and could thicken to reduce visibility with moderate haze by Tuesday.
Small craft-operators and sea-bathers should continue exercising caution for above normal swells and brisk winds…Moderate sea conditions with east northeasterly swells range 1.5 to 2.0 m on the west and peak near 2.5 m on east coasts of SVG.
Slight to moderate (1.2 – 2.0 m) conditions are expected temporarily by Sunday afternoon until Monday evening.

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