Dengue rising in the Caribbean says PAHO

(SNO) – Cases of the mosquito-borne disease, Dengue, is rising in the Americas including the Caribbean, the Pan American Health Organization warned this week.

In its latest epidemiological report, the organization says three million cases were reported in 2019, the largest number ever recorded in the region.

1,500 people died from the disease in 2019.

In 2015 the number of cases exceeded 2.4-million which was the largest dengue outbreak in the region, with 1,400 people dying from the disease.

“Despite the increase in the number of cases in 2019, thanks to intense efforts from the countries, the case fatality rate, or the percentage of cases of dengue that progress to death, has been kept below the expected one per cent (0.05 per cent in 2019),” Marcos Espinal, director of PAHO’s Department of Communicable Diseases and Environmental Determinants of Health, said.

The organization is calling on families, communities and authorities at all levels to continue implementing measures to eliminate mosquito breeding sites.

The controling of mosquitos is key to reducing the transmission of the disease.

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