Man surprises fiancée with swimsuit that has his face on it

(FOX NEWS) – Love comes in many forms – and sometimes that form is a giant picture of your fianceé’s face on a swimsuit.

Australian Instagram influencer, Pedro Cuccovillo Vitola, who is known for posting comedic videos and photos to his page, has gone viral for his latest prank, which involved giving his unsuspecting fiancée a bathing suit with his face on it.

In the video Vitola posted, he starts out explaining that Patty “loves her bikinis” and Vitola “hates spending money on them.”

In the nearly 2-minute-long clip, he records himself talking to his fiancée, Patty, who is sitting on the couch in a blanket. When he tells her he bought her a present, she seems genuinely excited.

Vitola asks Patty to try on the present, but won’t reveal to her what it is. He even requests she change into the outfit while blindfolded so she doesn’t spoil the surprise.

Though seemingly dubious, Patty goes along with his requests and puts on the suit. In another frame of the video, Patty is seen with a tie around her eyes before she is asked to look into the mirror for the great reveal.

As soon as Patty sees the swimsuit, she immediately screams – appearing to not know what is on her swimsuit.

“What is that?” she asks, before stating, “That is disgusting.” The remark prompts Vitola to exclaim, “Hey, that is my face!”

“That scared me,” she says while laughing at the custom-made one-piece.

At the end of the video, Patty claims she’ll wear it the beach – a decision Vitola seems to enjoy, feeling it will prevent men from hitting on her.

The video went viral on his Instagram page with many people posting positive responses.

“The best!” one fan wrote.

“Lol Patty is such a good sport,” another commented.

“Love it,” another wrote with a series of laugh-cry emoji.

Though Patty seemed to enjoy the swimsuit by the end of the video, the still image of her giving two thumbs down while wearing the suit and Vitola poses next to her may suggest otherwise.

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