Cops bust British robbery suspect whose disguise was a pair of glasses

(NYPOST) – This guy is no Clark Kent.

An on-the-lam UK thief “disguised” himself with a pair of black-rimmed glasses — but local cops saw right through his ploy, according to a new report.

David Springthorpe, 30, who was wanted for a number of shoplifting offenses and breaching a court order, was busted this week “after a chase” when cops spotted the now-bespectacled suspect, authorities posted to Facebook.

“Springthorpe has recently changed his image by sporting a pair of glasses,” the Derbyshire Constabulary’s Safer Neighborhood Policing Team posted to Facebook Tuesday. “Fortunately, this was not quite cunning enough to outsmart the team!”

Commenters mocked Springthorpe’s ill-fated attempt to avoid detection.

“Yes mate, those glasses completely disguise the fact you’ve got massive ears and a neck tattoo,” Tim Bottomley posted. “He looks exactly the same.”

“Pleased with the custodial sentence,” Tom Armstrong chimed in. “Doubt it will make much difference though. Unfortunately, it’s in one ear, out the other with people like him.”

Springthorpe was charged with the theft of several perfume gift sets from Boots, and faces a 30-week jail sentence, Metro UK reported.

Back in January, he was fined during a court appearance for allegedly stealing about $26 worth of steak from a Co-op store, according to the report.

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