Trinidad: One legged landlord kidnapped, thrown off cliff by evicted tenant

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) —  A twenty-nine-year-old San man was in police custody last night after he turned himself in after he kidnapped his one-legged landlord and threw him down a precipice off the North Coast Road last week.

Rudven Prout, 41 was the victim and he had been kidnapped and thrown down the precipice last week Wednesday and was rescued after being found by residents on Friday.

While being rescued he explained that prior to being kidnapped he served notice on the suspect to quit occupying his house in St Joseph and even offered him some land in Sangre Grande which he could use to build his own home.

Rescuers taking Reuben Prout from a precipice off the North Coast Road.

He said however that on Wednesday (November 6) the suspect and his cousin picked him up saying they were going out to lime.

He said that he does not see very well but went along.

He said that he was then bound and placed in a house. He said some hours passed and he was grabbed and put in a car.

He said that he felt when the car stopped following which the suspect began beating him about the body. The two men opened the car door, dragged him out and threw him down the precipice.

He said he spent days and nights screaming for help and was eventually spotted by North Coast Road residents who in turn contacted the Santa Cruz Police.

With the help of the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Services Rescue Team the police were able to lift Prout out of the precipice and taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital where he was treated for a broken leg, cuts and bruises and dehydration.

The suspect remained in police custody up to last night being questioned.

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