Pregnant woman mauled by 93 dogs in France

(NY DAILY NEWS) – A woman who was six months pregnant appears to have been fatally mauled by dogs in the woods Saturday, where a hunting party that included hounds was active.

Investigators in northern France are carrying out tests on 93 dogs they suspect may have killed Elisa Pilarski, 29, while she was walking her own dog near her home in the town of Villers-Cotterêts, according to the BBC.
Among the suspects are five dogs owned by Pilarski. She reportedly died from “several dog bites to the upper and lower limbs and the head.” It was the desperate howls from one of her dogs that led the victim’s boyfriend, identified only as Christophe, to the site where the woman’s mangled body was found. Pilarski’s Facebook page shows the victim with her own pups.
According to a local French news agency, Pilarski phoned Christophe to say she was walking through the woods around noon and had encountered a pack of dogs that had her worried. It’s unclear if that was the same pack of hounds that scared off Christophe when he tried to recover his lover’s body after he located her car.
“I walked towards a ravine, but about 30 dogs arrived so I moved away,” Christophe told BFMTV.
Authorities were then called to the scene. Some of Pilarski’s clothes had been shredded, leaving her pregnant belly exposed.

One participant involved in a hunting party that was in the Forrest of Retz where Pilarski’s body was found told another French news agency she was unaware of any connection between Pilarski’s death and her dogs.

“To our knowledge, the tragic accident that occurred has no relation neither with our dogs, nor with the hunt with hounds,” that person involved in the hunt said.

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