Coach IAN SARDINE Is Most Deserving Of High Honour

Coach IAN SARDINE is most deserving of high honour in the annals of SVG Soccer, particularly for his self-less, enduring, indefatigable work among the sporting youth in the Capital, Kingstown, area.

I saw him in action even before our SVG Teachers’ College sojourn, and subsequently, where we initiated a student-run NEWS-AND-CURRENT-EVENTS-BOARD and ran Campus-based newspaper routes [The Vincentian, and Eslee Carberry’s] in order to finance that effort.

He has always been a positive, constructive, and wholesome friend. A wonderful, encouraging human being.

Mori Millington, I followed as a humble fan, and tried to emulate his standards while I underwent the I.O.C. Olympic Solidarity courses in Soccer.

Mori and Wicliff Franklyn, a cousin under whose auspices (inclusive of Hammy Franklyn, Charlie Cumma, and “Chico”) I worked out as a youth at Georgetown’s Coronation Park [Hi, Brownstown] were but stellar football players and coaches in my hero-worshipping youthful world.

Mori Millington highly deserves this recognition and commendation.

I finally got to cooperate with the legendary Raultie Lowe, when he daily hosted our inaugural ITF Summer Lawn Tennis youth camp at the LOTTO Court, Kingstown, some years ago.

His updates and informal counsel were effective and supremely useful. Raultie Lowe well deserves this recognition and commendation.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves made some astute choices in these three outstanding Vincentian sportsmen.

I have also heard quite a lot of Doris and Kishore these several years, also. They have both achieved repeated, stellar performances in their respective sporting disciplines, as well.

Their individual resourcefulness and endurance have been truly exemplary to our youth.

Steve Huggins.
Nationally Certified Coach, USA;
Nationally Accredited Soccer Coach, USA.
Former Soccer Master, Langley Park Gov’t. School.


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